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TIDES is a queer post-rave event expanding the concept of clubbing and merging it with adventurous explorations in performance art, sound art, installation and video art.


TIDES is a temporary gathering and action in  space, it’s a momentary equilibrium made of chaotic streams, otherworldly rituals, awkward disappearances and playful disorders.

It serves as a safe space for the queer community.

TIDES promotes Art as a collective endeavour and supports artists at every stage of their creative path.

It serves as means to reimagine new ways of listening by blurring distinctions between art and non-art, between audience and performer and between our own senses.


1. TIDES is a queer space for the lgbtqi+ community and allies

2. TIDES aims to create a safe and inclusive space for everyone, regardless of their race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, body, age, social class, nationality or religion.

3. TIDES will not tolerate, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, racism, ageism, ableism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, body-shaming, non-consensual touching or any other language or behaviour that may have an anti-emancipatory or oppressive impact on others.

4. TIDES is an inclusive and supportive space for all genders and gender expressions. We expect all visitors and artists to respect the pronouns, names, and identities of all. If you are unsure, respectfully ask.

5. TIDES encourages ‘enthusiastic consent’, a behavioural and physical agreement that happens without threats, coercion or manipulation.

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